Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

A few photos from Easter. ..

Walking to church...

Maddie and Daddy

Looking beautiful (and handsome).

Three weeks till we meet baby #5!!

Teeny fingers trying to get into a foil egg. He worked at this for a looong time. So cute!

Chocolate overload! We let the kids eat as much as they had...they each got about 8 plastic eggs full so it wasn't too unreasonable...oh- and that huge egg Maddie is mowing down on. EW, yikes, it was kind of a lot!!

So blessed to be in the same town with this fantastic family that we love so much. The kids have great times with their cousins, it's really sweet how close they are. I love having so many people that I trust to speak truth and love into our kid's hearts!

On the flip side, it is always SO SAD to be sooo far away from the rest of our lovely family and friends in the States at time like these!

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