Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Living It Up Before Baby

Mike and I had the opportunity to go on a date (thanks Shelley for the babysitting) last weekend. I am kind of figuring that may be our last date before the baby arrives
We went out for Sushi and did a bit of shopping...ended up finding a cream rug for the living room and a black curtain rod for our bedroom. (I will have to post the ongoing bedroom makeover pics one of these days)

The main event of the evening was an over the top (in a good way, you know I love over the top) birthday party for a friend. Her husband flew in her favorite singer, Joshua Radin, rented out the art gallery, had it completely made over and hosted 100+ of her friends to a fabulous evening. We had a great time!

Even the chandelier was brought in to set the mood!

There's me sitting in the VIP seats after the show.

Loving all the details!

Wow, check out that belly...only 2 weeks to go!



Crazy Birthday Party! How will she ever come close to that again? I can't even image how much that would cost.

Colleen you look so cute!
Can't wait to meet you new little one soon!

colleen banman said...

Thanks Denise!

I thought it was super cool that they were able to bless so many people with a fun evening! She was so cute, just in awe of the amazing night, enjoying everyone's company and her favorite singer!