Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect...

I have had my eye on this wall in town for a while. Yesterday after school the kiddos were in a great mood and the sun was shining so we stopped.

I have been following a blog that does a cool photography "carnival" (still learning what that is..) but last week's theme was to shoot letters. I am not aspiring to be a photographer by any means BUT I recognize that the more you practice the better you get at nearly anything you try so I have taken it upon myself to hop on the carnival and "capture" our life with the new camera!!!

Here are my letters with my favorite subjects in front:)

Check out the carnival by clicking the link beow....!

Photobucket src="http://i370.photobucket.com/albums/oo145/rubyandroja/youcapture4-1.jpg" border=0>

Jumping for JOY!

Sister Hug

Getting so big!

"I'm Three!"


Levecks said...

OH MY!!! I love it!!!
Great JOb!!!!!
The colors are perfectly vibrant, and Fun!! I'm gonna check out that blog!

Shae said...

Love that wall!!!

Bev said...

Great photos! love the colors and the kids looking so natural and happy!