Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Beauty of Homebirth

Yesterday Caitlyn Hope joined our family! She is so tiny and sweet and we all love her to bits. Caitlyn was born at home and it was so wonderful. This is our 4th home birth and I am a major fan! Here are some details...(don't worry, it's PG details :)

Caleb brought a book in to read to me while I was in labor. He was so cute, the book was upside down but he was reading and showing me the pages!

The kids were so emotional when the baby came out. It is such an awesome thing for a child to experience. Such a cool thing to go through together as a family. Having them there helps me stay calm and helps them understand one of God's most intricately planned out miracles!

Mike's three sisters, his Mom, my 10 year old niece and our kiddos were present. From my viewpoint, there were so many loving faces in awe of our new little blessing.
(p.s...I'm wearing a swimsuit top, see the strings?)
Caitlyn was born in this birth tub. She is our 4th water birth. Again, we are big fans!!
Water birth is amazing!!

Perfectly fresh and new!

You can see on Mikayla's face that she is still really emotional. She told me she couldn't help crying, she was so happy!

Maddie is sitting next to me right now as I type. She has had Caitlyn in her in her arms for 2 hours now. She is completely in love!
Caleb calls the baby "chay-ta-yin". He is trying really hard to be gentle!

The baby and I were loved to pieces by the other kids for hours after she was born.

Weighing in...6 pounds, 15 ounces. 19 inches long. Our smallest baby! She is sooo tiny!
This is the fabulous midwife Anne-Marie.

There she is. Little Caitlyn. What a blessing to peacefully bring her into this world! If you have any questions about home birth, please ask, I'm happy to answer.


Levecks said...

oh my goodness.. i couldnt wait to see what pics you chose to do the blog!! and i knew you were gonna get them up today!!
you are awesome. thanks for letting us share in such a special moment!! love you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you!!! What a blessing. Thanks for adding the pictures because I feel like I was there. Give her a kiss for me. Congrats again.

Christa said...

Congratulations Banman family! It must have been baby-day. Our nephew arrived yesterday, too!

Jenny said...

very beautiful...if i was having another you may have convinced me to have it at home. looks very peaceful and loving.
congrats on your tiny daughter!

The Denis Family said...

Thanks for sharing these photos! They made me cry...God is truly awesome! Caitlyn is very blessed.

Kimberly said...

Congratulations, Colleen! Caitlyn is beautiful.

Obwald Family said...

I was a little teary with the previous post now I am crying. The emotion that it brought in your girls is priceless! What a miracle God lets us experience! Praise the LORD!

Anonymous said...

You do birth so beautifully Colleen! Thanks for sharing. I cried as I read this post - and what a gift to your children to witness the miracle of birth. Hugs to you all!

Kim said...

She is so beautiful! Congratulations :-)
Kim D. (gretch's sister-in-law)