Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Cambria?

I haven't shared how Cambria got her name yet.

It starts with the box we'd put ourselves in.
We are Mike and Colleen.
Our kids are Mikayla Grace, Mailee Joy, Maddie Faith, Caleb Michael and Caitlyn Hope...
For me, it was non-negotiable that this baby have a "C" name and a similar middle name if it was a girl.

Up until the week before she was born we thought we were going to name our mystery baby Camryn Mercy if it was a girl.  We had narrowed the boys names down to Conner, Caden or Cole  with Jacob as the middle name.  None of the names were feeling quite right.  I kept searching the "C" sections of baby name books.  I enjoyed hearing all the suggestions from friends on Facebook.  

I came across the name Camryn in one of my books and realised it means "crooked nose".  Not in one book, in all the books, online, on my baby name app...everywhere!  I just couldn't get past the meaning of the name and Camryn was suddenly out.

I came across the name Cambria on a website and I remembered an awesome family that we love down in California.  They have a little girl named Cambria and I always thought it was such a great name.  So pretty to say and a little bit different.

I asked Mike and he loved it too.

There is also a quaint and beautiful little town by the ocean in California called Cambria.

Love sounded so nice for a middle name.  Grace, Joy, Faith, Hope and Love...kind of completes things, dontcha think? 

We did decide while I was in labor that Connor Jacob would be our boy's name. Jacob is a family name just like Caleb's middle name is Michael.

And we say it "Came-bri-ah"  (like Cambridge).  It's a rule breaker, I know.  I'm okay with it, I hope you  can be too!

We really love her, she is a sweet little girl and her name is suiting her quite nicely.

Together, we have gotten to name 6 amazing little miracles.  
What a privilege!


The Denis Family said...

Love her name and the story behind it. California will always be special to you and who can't love the name LOVE? She will grow knowing she is loved by you and God. Great choices!

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