Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cambria Settles In

 A baby in a big family doesn't get a whole lot of time to slowly adjust to life on the outside.
She has people to meet.
A line up of siblings
and cousins
and aunties
seriously, a line.

Our little lady has been handling her fame with grace and ease.
Here is a day in the life of Miss Cambria Love...

Aunty Tammy and Caitlyn share a snuggle with baby.

Sometimes big sisters need to get reeeal close:)

Wardrobe malfunctions are an occupational hazard when you are this tiny!

Sometimes that Mommy takes a picture instead of feeding you cause you're just too cute even when you're sad!

Some sisters {no names will be mentioned...} stay home from fun just to get a tiny baby all to herself.

Some sisters *might* be a little over possessive.
Really though, can you blame her?

Pure sweetness and cute is a lot of work.
It requires hours of beauty sleep...seems daytime hours are most ideal?!?

That Mommy can't seem to get enough kisses.

Can you blame her?


The Denis Family said...

Can't wait to meet her...I will wait until the line slows down a bit ;)

Blessings to you all!

Fairytale Pumpkin said...

So sweet! Congratulations, Banmans! Thanks for the pictures and birth story. So fun to see all 8 of you on the bed :)