Friday, April 22, 2011

Cambria's Photo Shoot

Last week we took Cambria for a newborn photo shoot with Candice.

Remember when I tried to win a contest to get a shoot with Candice?  
Well Mike called her after I didn't win and booked a shoot.  
What a thoughtful guy he is!

All the kids got in a few of the photos and I think those are some of my faves.

Here's a little taste of the cuteness from the shoot...

This cute cute hat is a Nut & Satchi.
Love it!

My Dad requested a photo without a ya go Dad, just a teensy sweet baby:)
I love how she is all folded up!

Baby in the buggy.

Two profiles that I love.

There's something about a newborn in her Daddy's arms...they look so small and sweet!

I have ka-gillions more photos from this photo shoot, they are all sweet and cute and amazing.  How will I ever choose which ones to put on the wall??


Watters said...

Oh my goodness...beautiful beautiful beautiful

Grandpa Russ said...

My three favorite pics so far from this shoot?

1. Mom, Dad & baby B&W

2. Dad & Daughter w/ black background.

3. All folded up asleep w/o headband. (Yeah! Thx!)


Obwald Family said...

ooooo LOVE them all! thanks for sharing!

able mabel said...

I love the one with Baby and Daddy! She looks like she already adores him!!