Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cambria Meets Some Friends

Kind of a lame title for this post since I got exactly ZERO photos of actual friends today:(
I was chatting.
And nursing.
But really friends did come and we visited and my teensy girl was a very nice girl, snuggling in to whomever was holding her.

Here's a rundown of the day

First bath (Tam and I were both fully engrossed in bathing baby, no photos were taken during that portion of the process)
Here she is in her towel.

Clean Baby!

"Thanks Aunty for helping me get clean!"

My girls decided having people over to meet the baby was reason enough for a color scheme.  I'd say I trained them well:)  We got a little family photo before the friends arrived. (Clearly it is not a full family photo because Mike is not in it.  He is in Colorado for a conference.  Caleb represented the "blue" all by himself today and did a great job:)

Doll baby in the pink suit I picked up at the consignment store yesterday.  
Couldn't have our princess in green or yellow for one more day!!

Having a little snooze on Alana's lap.  This is the ONLY photo with a guest!

Ok, I just had to share a few pics of the girls working hard this morning to make cupcakes.  They really wanted to have some treats. (again, trained them well:) 

They did the icing themselves and did a great job.  I wanted to get my hands in there so badly but they had it all covered!!

Even Maddie wouldn't let me help.

Cute stuff!

It was a fun day.  I really appreciate that people took the time to come.  I appreciate that my sisters made it happen behind the scenes, making sure the kids still got lunch, getting drinks for everyone and even doing a bit of plumbing. (don't ask, let's just say me and the kitchen sink are NOT friends)

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