Thursday, April 14, 2011

The First Two Weeks: From My Phone

Today Cambria is two weeks old.  
Two weeks already!

Here are some photos from the last two weeks off my phone.  The phone is around and often more easily accessible than the camera.  Sometimes the photos are random but I like a little randomness every once in a while.

Day 2
Still hanging out in the bed, letting the rest of the world go on without us.

It's amazing how life "slows down" when a baby comes.  I mean, life does not actually slow down when you add a 6th kid to the mix but for a few days everything kind of stood still for me.  While the rest of the family went about their business, I stayed home and bonded with my newborn.

Those first days are so precious!!

Day 5
Getting a bit of sun with big brother.
I love this photo, can you see her little sock-foot?  
Caleb sat there for about 10 minutes helping her make her "yellow" go away:)

"hello brother!"

Second outing.
Our vehicle is so full!
It takes us a really long time to get out the door!
Cambria is so tiny in her car seat:)

Snuggles with Maddie.
All three of the big girls are really helpful.
When I need to get dressed, make dinner or have a shower I have three very willing baby holders.

Mailee is my most willing helper.
She grabs diapers for me.
She brings me water.
She can swaddle the baby.

Look how confident she looks holding the baby!

The evening routine involves a wide awake baby, lots of fussing and nursing.  Once she falls asleep she sleeps most of the night.  She only wakes up to eat once.  Such a good girl but from 8-10pm when all I want to do is sit down and put my feet up girlfriend is high maintenance!!

I am thankful Mike is home and helpful during these hours.
{look how tiny and cute she looks in her Daddy's arms!}
I am looking forward to her learning to go to sleep at night and play during the day!

This is how our little lady sleeps.
Mouth WIDE open:)

Testing out sister's crib.
Eventually this will be Cambria's crib and Cait will move into a big girl bed.
I am not rushing this event.  Cait likes her crib and I like that she can't get out!
Looks like Cambria isn't too keen on the idea of the crib either:)

Day 12

First meal out at a restaurant, first chiropractic event.
The whole family came to Mike's community dinner.  We made it there on time with everyone dressed.  I was happy about that!

Cambria got passed around between the three girls and myself and we were all able to eat and enjoy the night out.

Day 14

First tummy time.
She loved being on her tummy so much that she fell asleep and slept for 3 hours like this on the couch as all the kids played loudly around her in the living room.

I am extremely upset that two weeks have already flown by.  I am so fortunate to have gotten to have 6 newborns all to myself.  That is a lot more babies than most people get to enjoy.  I still want to bottle this one up and keep her tiny forever!  I can't get enough of her sweet smell, the way she snuggles in when I hold her, that little milk tongue...She is just precious!!