Sunday, July 10, 2011

Water Fun in San Ramon

We got to spend an entire day at the aquatic center in San Ramon with our special friends.  Remember the friend who took these pictures back in November?  We became great friends when we lived in the Bay Area 8 years ago.  Jaime has 3 girls and one boy.  It was fun to get our families together...10 kids, 8 girls and 2 boys!

Waiting in line for the big slide.

Lunching in the shade.

There we are in our sun visors:)

Caleb tried the diving board for the first time.  He was nervous but he went for it!

3 Banman girls, 3 Shrader girls reunited!

Mike and I were talking about how we like it that our kids can have friendships with kids that live in other places so that they can recognize that there is life out there past our own familiar community.

Okay so San Ramon is not the other side of the globe but it's a start:)

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