Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Boardwalk

 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
We took it in.
We got some pics.
Here's how it went...

Caleb volunteered to pose for a photo.
Rare moment.

Not as rare, Mikayla smiled for my camera.

Classic moment in Banmanland...
Mike and Caleb charging ahead.
Mailee taking a photo. {to the right in the background}
Maddie by my side willing to pose for photo.
Me taking a photo. {Cambria in the "pouch"}


Super cool gumball machine misleading children by the 100's...
It spits out jawbreakers, not gum.
{it did say "jawbreakers" on the machine but when you look at this machine, what do you think? Gumballs, right?}
Within 5 minutes two of my kids' treats had fallen out of their mouths.
{They must have a "keeping hard candy in the mouth" deficiency!}
Super disappointing for the {mostly}sugarless kidlets!

"pouching it"
Me and my bri :)

The kids picked the arcades for their fun of choice.

Firat class crap for prizes!!

They voluntarily watched each other play the games which was great cause it really stretched the fun.
I like that they are interested in what their siblings do.

Caleb was super stoked to ride{play?} this game.
Being Daddy's only boy has it's perks, he had already spent all his allotted amount of tokens but Mike got more just for him so he could do this game.

Awe, I love this!

Mikayla checked out the entire arcade {which was HUGE} and came back to one of the first games she had seen, "Monkeyball".  When we got there, it was surrounded by people and there was a commotion.  The kid in the white Tshirt had just beat the game and the machine was spitting out tickets like crazy.
We ended up waiting a good 20 minutes for the machine to dispense his winnings before Mikayla could play her game.

My favourite thing about the Boardwalk?
The retro-ness.
The place has so many awesome details that have been kept up so well.  
The Boardwalk is celebrating it's 100th year!

Look at my 3 big girls!
Have I ever mentioned how much I love these little ladies???

Silly fun good times.

And the fantastic prizes {crap} that we walked away with?
Plastic lips and plastic whistles for all!!

The prizes most likely won't make it back home to Canada but the memories sure will!


Dr. Michael Banman said...

Looks like have a great family!

colleen banman said...


Christa said...

Love the pictures of the air tram thingy. Looks like lots of fun, and no cheap venture for a family of 8, I'm sure! Makes me want to ride the Giant Dipper. Isn't that what it's called?

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