Wednesday, July 13, 2011


 Carmel is such a cool place.  I have fun memories there as a child and not much has changed.  This trip we did not set foot in one cute little shop or charming restaurant.  We stuck with the beach and did a drive through of a few of the adorable residential streets.  Carmel is a really unique little city.

The kids had multiple races down the soft, sandy hill.

Mailee is quite the runner!

Many waves were jumped over.

Mikayla and I took some photos.

Caity loves to dig in the sand and lay in the sand.  She gets thoroughly covered in sand.
Like I'm not exaggerating.
It's everywhere.

My boys at the ocean.
Caleb is free to expend much of his endless energy and Mike is at peace...which usually leads to a nap on the warm sand.

Lots of fun playtime with Daddy.
**It's possible that part of the reason I keep having babies is so that I can continue to have a free pass from "push the parent into the ocean" type of games:)

Sweet sandy baby girl.
See her eyes? 
Sand. Everywhere.

Hey little Caiters, come join the party...

There she is:)
Wow look at this photo, now there's a relaxed and happy family of 8.
I think I want to be a permanent vacationer when I grow up.


Grandpa Russ said...

Just noticed in the "Mailee's Quite the Runner" photo that every one of the kids is about to take their next step with their left leg! One of those little oddball details that makes a photo even more special!

"Caiters, come join the party." So cute.

I'm glad everyone's enjoying their vacation, you've got such a happy family.


Jill Macknicki said...

I'm with you...I want to be a permanent vacationer when I grow up too. Oh and I can totally relate to sand EVERYWHERE! Currently my kids have sand stuck to their scalps and we've washed and rinsed, and washed and rinsed and still they are sandy! Got to love a beach vacation :0)

colleen banman said...

that is funny Dad, I hadn't noticed that!

oh man, hawaiian sand in scalps is your biggest worry? i'd say life is pretty good Jill:)