Saturday, July 2, 2011

California Vacation!!

Here's the truck, all packed up.

Cambria met Courtney for the first time at Whole Foods in Portland.

Gotta love the American pride!

Whole Foods had the best treats.

Caleb loves Courtney.  
Right before this photo, he brought her a little handful of flowers that he had picked.

Setting foot in Target!!!

Cambria's first time in the States, first road trip, first time in a hotel, first time in Target, first time to meet lots of special family and friends...

She's really exited about all this new fun!

Holding hands with Daddy.
Not in a rush.
Just having fun!

What I do to stay busy while we drive.

Little cutie pie.

90+ degrees.

Caleb loves to swim!

Just had to share a little bit of our fun.
I hope to have lots more to share soon:)

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