Friday, July 8, 2011

A July Wedding

Hi!  We are still on vacation so I will keep my posts short:)

We had an incredible visit with my Mom's side of the family last weekend for my cousins Meadow's wedding.  It was an exceptionally hot day but we managed to keep from melting entirely.

I also managed to get the family to somewhat match.  Not bad considering I really only thought about packing the day before we left.  It does help that the girls are on board with coordination and are pretty great at rummaging in their closets and coming up with things that work.

We just celebrated our 12th anniversary!  We have learned, experienced and accomplished so much in the past 12 years!

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Stacey Munro said...

Happy Anniversary you two. Seems like yesterday! So happy you get to come for a visit. Busy, but fun, I'm sure. Call if you still need a bike for Caleb and if you want to join us at my parents pool for a swim sometime. It's always open. 559-360-3091