Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation Bits & Pieces

I'm trying to get caught up on our vacation photos so that I feel like I can take pictures again.
Do you do that?  
Maybe it's just me.
Oh well.  I don't have the brain power to expend {I'm in vacation mode} on any lengthy descriptions or deep thoughts but I DO have photos!!

My kids love hotels.
Do yours?

Best feature of the Embassy Suites Hotel in Walnut Creek according to Caleb?
Valets and the luggage carts.

Our little lady was such a great traveler.
She just goes with the flow whatever that may be.

We took this kids on a trip down memory lane.
There's Mailee standing in front of the house she was born in.
This was the first HOUSE {not apartment} that we lived in.  
I remember being so excited to be the lady of my own house! I picked bright paint color for all the walls.  I remember a navy blue wall in the dining room, a lime green in our bedroom and yellow in the babies' room.  We were renting this house from a lovely family while Mike was in school.  Looking back I bet that navy was a pain for them to get rid of!!!

The house was close to school. 
It was also close to these fine establishments.
El-Z's faces provides permanent make up.

While deep in Hayward, we got ourselves some authentic Mexican food.
Taqueria style.
So tasty.

Vacation food rocks!

Cait approved.
**Disclaimer: We were parked while eating this meal.

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