Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Capitola in Photos and Video

I love California.
The kids and I are still in Fresno, it's not as glamorous as being by the ocean but there are people we love here.  I sure wish I could have it all, Kelowna and California and all the people I love all in one but since I can't have that I am soaking up these moments down here!

I love the light an hour or two before the sun sets.  I gathered up the kids this day and tried to get a few pictures of them.  They are really cooperative but bless their hearts, they didn't want to stand still this day they wanted to PLAY!

First picture...everyone is all smiles.

Caleb starts acting silly..

Strangling a sister...

I like this one!!

Our little lady with her rosy sunkissed cheeks!


K guys, I just can't get over how grown up Mikayla is.
She stops me in my tracks all the time.
Where did the time go?

Here they are having a blast:)

Dinner on the beach = lots of sandy crunches but great memories:)

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