Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Wedding

My cousin Kathryn got married this past weekend in California. Here are some photos! They got married at a beautiful place called Empire Mine. There were so many beautiful flowers everywhere and a super cool cottage. Too many awesome photo spots and not enough time to get photos!! I feel like I did not do the place justice at all with my photos!

Bridal Party

Our family.

This is one of the only pictures of Caitlyn in her tiny fancy dress. She looked so cute! Unfortunately she had a little accident in her dress half way through the ceremony.

My little flower girls walking down the isle. Their flower "balls" were so huge and super heavy...they were troopers carrying those all day long. Look how Maddie is holding her dress up with her left hand...just like a princess!

Little Caleb in his cute tux! What a handsome boy. He was a little nervous and wanted to walk down the isle with Mikayla. She was a little disappointed because she wanted to walk by herself. I think they look adorable together!

My lovely cousin and her father minutes before making the trip down the isle. What a special moment!

My cute kiddos all dolled up!

Kathryn asked Mikayla to be a junior bridesmaid because she knew Mikayla had been a flower girl so many times.

Mailee loved being a princess in this pretty dress! Her hair looked so great with all the curls.

Mads loved seeing Kathryn all dressed up before the wedding.

She also really liked Todd. (the groom)

I bribed Caleb to walk down the isle by promising him candy. Here he is after the ceremony with his Mentos.
I will post a link to the rest of the photos for ya too!

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Grandpa Russ said...

It was a great weekend, wasn't it?

Exhausting for all, but SO well worth it!

You & your girls looked terrific, Caleb was just plain too cute for words in his tux.

Pics on my blog, too!