Saturday, May 23, 2009

California Moments

My kids love hotels...they seem to need me less when we are in a hotel. Surprisingly, here I am with time on my hands!

This is EVERYTHING we brought. Yes people, I packed for 7 people in this amount of luggage! (I'm proud of this fact...I have learned to pack less as we have added more family members)

Caitlyn got to meet Grammie, her 92 year old great grandma!

Meeting the bride! My cousin Kathryn!!

Caitlyn was introduced to Grandma Bev on Thursday and then introduced to Target on Friday. Two very important introductions :)

Here are the ladies under the fluorescent lights of the Roseville Target. Caitlyn is sporting a bow on a headband that she likes,(thanks Meg!!!) and a new outfit appropriate for the HOT weather (thanks Grandma!)

Today she gets to meet her Grandpa Russ and attend her first wedding! What a great day!

Tomorrow I will post more photos!!

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