Monday, May 18, 2009

Mikayla Update

Mikayla loves to read and is often in her room engrossed in a book while the rest of the kids are rambling around the house. She is content to read all day long some days!!

This weekend I encouraged her to come hang out with us a bit and do something different. She loved the baby lots...she even wore her in the Baby Bjorn a little. Today she updated her blog! Check it out HERE!! I know she would be thrilled with any comments!! She also chose a new background for her blog. It is so cute to read her words and know what she is thinking!

Baby feels most comfortable with her biggest sister!

Loving the tiny princess.

Hard to believe Mikayla was ever this small...or that when she was this small, I had time to sit and stare at her and her alone ALL DAY LONG!!!!

(how is it possible that I couldn't manage to keep up on the housework when I only had her?!?!?)

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Jenny said...

those pics are amazing! what a treasure to have.