Friday, May 8, 2009

Poster For the Office

Seven days without a project is just too long. I had to do something crafty or I was going to go nuts. Last night I put Caitlyn in her baby papasan (love that thing) and made this poster while she slept. She is such a good baby. She slept from 10-11 while I was busy crafting, then I took her to bed and she stayed asleep and I didn't hear a peep from her till 4 this morning...I can't believe it!

The poster went to work with Mike this morning. I took a pic for all y'all who don't have the pleasure of visiting Rhino Chiropractic on a normal basis :)

1 comment:

Levecks said...

caitlyn knew you needed your beauty sleep for the big party tonight ;)

great job on the poster!