Friday, May 15, 2009

Super Cool Gift!

My best friend Gretch and I have known each other our entire lives. When we were little we had this plan that we were going to both have baby girls the same age and then they would be best friends and when they grew up they would marry twins and we would be family!

This seemed like the perfect plan until I got married at 21 and started having babies right away while Gretch was traveling, getting her degree and taking the corporate world by storm. When Caleb was born 3 years ago, Mike and I were thrilled to have a baby boy and I declared myself DONE having babies. With Gretch still working and not quite ready to be a mom, it looked like the door to us having daughters together was a closed one.

This is the youngest pic of us that I have (that is in jpeg form) but there are lots of younger ones in boxes :)

The phone call between us 8 months ago was shocking and exciting- we were going to be pregnant at the same time!! A few months later, we both found out we were carrying little girls and they were due only 2 weeks apart! Her baby was due May 15th and mine May 3 but Gretch's ended up being born April 28. I had just gotten the news that little Sophia Marie had been born when I went into labor myself. Caitlyn and Sophia are one day apart! God's timing is immaculate and precise and it is His plan that is perfect, not ours!

Gretch and I are on the phone frequently discussing the day's challenges and our daughters' sleep is so fun to have babies the EXACT same age!!

My birthday isn't till the end of May but Gretch sent me a gift and I couldn't wait! Look what was inside- the cutest lil necklace ever!

"C" for Caitlyn (and Colleen:) Gretch got an "S" for Sophia.

the gold circle says "LOVE"

Thanks Gretch! I love the necklace, and you!!

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The Hayes Family said...

Happy Birthday! I wish we lived closer so that we could have our girls get to know each other! You are right, God does have PERFECT timing for everything, including blessing us with our girls at the exact same time. You are the B-E-S-T (that's a cheer for you) and I am thankful that we can experience our babies together. Love you!