Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Baby Ain't The Only One Around Here...

I do have 4 other children. Let's talk about them a little!

Maddie lost her OTHER front tooth! Isn't she cute as can be with her gigantic gap? She got one American dollar from the tooth fairy. (In Canada the smallest bill is a $5 so paper money means big bucks to my kids) She was really excited.

Toothless wonder

Oh- have I mentioned that Maddie is OBSESSED with her baby sister?

She asks to hold her all day long.

Today Caleb got to hold Caitlyn all by himself. he did a great job and he was very proud. He wanted her off of his lap seconds after he got her but I thought it was cute that he held her and even smiled so nicely for a photo.

Caleb has been carrying his skateboard around the house and practicing "tricks" on the carpet. He is so funny and he seems so much bigger all of a sudden. Hmm.. I wonder why?

Mikayla and Mailee have been so flexible and understanding the past week. I am thankful for such lovely daughters. They have welcomed Maddie to the backseat of the van and I have not heard any complaining about them being squished. They are loving the gazebo, spending lots of time out on the couch reading and coloring. Seems like they are becoming great friends. I love to hear them chatting in their room before bed.
Today I had the whole house to myself for a few hours while Caitlyn was sleeping. I got caught up on that laundry and a few other things and tonight I am feeling like this household of 7 will survive just fine! That's a great feeling :)

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Bev said...

What awesome grandchildren I have!!!Love the photo of Maddie and her toothless grin...cutie patootie braids too!!