Saturday, May 2, 2009

Caitlyn's Third Day

Our little lady is doing great. She has milk breath which I am convinced is the sweetest smell on earth. She entertains her siblings by hiccuping, sneezing and yawning. She goes from one kid's arms to the next all day long. Here are a few photos in case you have forgotten what she looks like...

More sunshine...midwife says she is a great color, must be all the tanning.

Such a sweetheart!

Teeny Toes!

"Ho hum, I'm so bored of all these photos Mom!!"

Sleeping Angel

Current time is 11:07pm and she is wide awake ready to play.
Not a good sign for a sleepy mommy!


Macknicki Family said...

OMIGOSH! I love the "ho hum I'm bored" picture. You're getting great at taking pictures with your new camera! Hope her sleep schedule rights itself sooner than later:0)

Christa said...

The yawning photo is amazing!

Levecks said...

2 thumbs up to the yawning photo!! that a framer!!