Monday, June 30, 2008

Swimming Lessons!!

Today was our first day of swimming lessons. The big girls get lessons through school but other than that, these are our first lessons in Kelowna. Last time we did lessons we lived in Fresno and I took a 4 year old Mikayla and a 2 year old Mailee to Swim America. I had little newborn Maddie and I had to be IN the water for Mailee's class...Mailee screamed bloody murder the whole time, as did Maddie on the sidelines. I finally smartened up and asked Gretch and others to come and hold Maddie while I paraded around in a swimsuit in my squishy "just had a baby body" wading in the pool with my terrified un-swimmer.
That being our last experience, it's taken me a while to WANT to go down that path again! That swimming experience mixed with last fall when I literally had to dance with Maddie to get her to go to ballet class... let's just say I was not sure what to expect today!
Check out all these smiling faces! All three girls loved their classes, Maddie was thrilled and she can not wait to go back. Tonight before bed she reminded me that she knew what the day after tomorrow is...I asked "what?" and she said (with great enthusiasm) "swimming lessons for ME!!!" Perhaps we'll revisit that ballet lesson in the fall:)
Mailee went first

Mikayla met two new friends and said she enjoyed these lessons way more than the school ones

Look at my little Maddie- she was so proud of herself!!


Grandpa Russ said...

Great to see the enthusiasm in those smiling faces!

If you want a funny swim lesson story, ask Grammie about my first day!


PS: The pool's open, warm, and just waiting for little swimmers!

Bev said...

Congratulations to the girls and I am so glad that this was a better experience for my girl! What about Caleb's first swimming lesson? I remember your first lesson.....yikes!.....lets just say that Mailee comes by her f!irst swimming lesson fear naturally

The Hayes Family said...

YEAH! That's great that they all really enjoyed the swim lessons! They are all growing into beautiful big girls!

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