Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

This year we will be missing 4th of July...first time since we have been married, first time in my entire life actually...So the Canadian version of fireworks and patriotism will have to do for this year! It is not quite as big of a deal up here, not sure why cause Canadians are very proud of thier country...I guess they just aren't as in to the big displays of patriotism. i for one think they are missing out!! Oh well, I love Canada and all of my Canadian friends and family and today I am going to celebrate :)

This is Mikayla getting into the Canada Day spirit in 2001.

Happy Canada Day!

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P said...

Wish you guys were going to the Buchanen h.s. 4th of July! It was always so great seeing you out there. I still have that cute pic of us from 6 yrs ago. (I was preg. with Juliahna). We are going and a lot of the Penberthy crew is going too! We will have to celebrate for you! Happy Canada Day!