Monday, June 2, 2008

Shout Out to Paula

I just wanted to give a big shout out to Paula for leaving me a sweet comment on my blog on my birthday. (Technically my mom should be getting one too cause she has left numerous comments and they are much appreciated but she is my mom and I know I can count on her to boost my self esteem with loving and supportive comments, that's her job!!:)
Paula took the time out of her busy life with small kiddos to stop and write to me, inform me that someone other than my mom is reading and interacting and that is very cool!
(no offense Mom, I still love your comments, i'm just making a shameless plea for more right now!)

Anyways, this post is dedicated to Paula cause I know she is reading!
A few favorite things that come to mind:
You singing El Shaddai with Amy, Jumping on the tramp at chzeselski's, snorting pixi stix(harmless kid stuff people, don't panic), all the alert-o-lights in your front yard, your grandma at your birthday dinners, preparing for adolesence...with all our parents!!, mighty musicians trips, summer fun days, clovis lakes, BTB, throwing things at the sleeping girls at Gretch's sleepover, your brother's tarantula, mexico, LA, going in the limo to dinner for Gretch's b-day (i wish I could post that photo!!) the list goes on and on!

At paula's wedding: Me, Erin, paula, Gretch and Cynthia
Paula had a winter wonderland themed wedding, it was white and sparkly and there were flocked christmas trees everywhere and rhinestones on the was gorgeous! paula got married at the church we grew up together in and she looked so amazing. Watching her husband Josh watch her come down was a moment I will not forget!!

San Francisco 2002: Me holding Mailee, Paula and Gretch...Mikayla in the stroller

I'll never forget this trip, Paula's new husband had just shipped off to...Iraq? (Correct me if I'm wrong Paula!!) Gretch and Paula and I spent the day together in the City and as we were hanging out on the grass having our picnic, Paula was explaining how she felt and I mentioned that it sounded like she was pregnant....many months later her husband came home to a very pregnant (and super cute I might add:) wife! Her little girl Juliahna is such a cutie. It was fun to be there in those first moments that Paula began to wonder if she would soon be a mom!
Shoot, i have lots of great photos of us when we were little but they would have to be scanned and I need Mike's help for that and he is in bed! I will leave you with this last sentiment which will only make any sense to Miss Paula and my lovely Gretch...
"We're the Green Supremes
And we love to sing
We have come to preach the Gospel
Spread His word from here to there
Cause we're the Green Supremes
And we care"


P said... made me cry! Thank you for your SWEET words and a whole blog for me with lots of fun memories. You made my heart happy today and made me feel very special!
Paula (Green Supreme #3)

The Hayes Family said...

Oh, such classic memories! I agree with everything Colleen said about Paula and all the sweet memories we share. Paula, you are a fun and faithful friend! I am going to post an old Hume Lake pic from the past.

Green Supreme #2

P said...

I love you both! Even though we are far apart, I hope there will be more fun memories in our future!