Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Extended Banman Family Photo Shoot

Here are some of my favorites from the family photo shoot we had two weeks ago.
I say this quite often but it's worth repeating; I feel so blessed to be a part of such a large and loving family. I love the fact that my kids are being raised alongside their cousins and that they have so many awesome adults that they know they are safe with and that I can trust to speak into their lives on a weekly if not daily basis.
We left a lot of wonderful people behind when we left Fresno and that was very, very difficult, it still is actually. The only thing that makes missing our awesome family and friends in California a bit easier is being a part of this awesome family here! We can't be in two places at once but man do I wish I could just smoosh all the people that we love into one place!!!

hangin' out


(I have wanted a sister my entire life. Each of these girls is SO incredible and I didn't get just one, I got all 3 of them!!)

Dandy Maddie

7 Cousins in 7 years!

Men of Faith, devoted to their families...can you get any better than that?

Caleb wasn't quite feelin' the photo shoot vibe this day!

Our sweet babies!!

Jumping for Joy!

The Banman Family 2008

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Grandpa Russ said...

Perhaps someday some of the Fresno folk will also end up in Kelowna?