Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fun in Osoyoos

Today we drove to Osoyoos which is a little under 2 hours away from Kelowna. We met up with our friends Chad and Brenda and family here. This is becoming a tradition as they come up every year. One of these years we'll convince them to make the extra drive to our place!! It was our first time meeting thier little 8 week old boy Paxton...too cute!We spent hours in the pool!!

Mailee is getting to be a great little swimmer!

Caleb, oh Caleb...what a guy!

Caleb LOVES jumping!!

Maddie is good to go withher life jacket...she starts swimming lessons on Monday!!

Chiro Kids...Our kids with the Booth kids: Katirie and Tarryn

Brenda and her girls

Little Paxton, what a cutie! Don't worry guys, I got my baby fix today and I've moved on...I don't need another one:)

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Fun in the sun!