Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blog Takes A Backseat...

Sorry faithful readers, the blog has taken a backseat to my new venture. Here is my little guy though, to tide you over till I have more time to really lavish you with a more lengthy post full of my words and thoughts and photos:)

I took this photo cause he was so funny with the goggles but in retrospect, the funny thing is not "baby in goggles", it is "little boy in pink goggles" . Ah yes, it seems to be Caleb's lot in life to squeeze his little man world into a palace of princesses.

Somehow in the midst of all the pink ruffles and Polly Pockets, Caleb manages to like these things best in life:

-Thomas Trains, especially "per per" (Percy)
-"haw-ee" (hockey...and only with Faddy, I am apparantly no good for this activity)
-wearing his Batman jammies and "fwhy" (flying...with arms out and appropriate noise)
-"toooo" (tools, he has two kid tools that make noise...and boy to they make a lot of noise!)
-"brrra brrra" (truck, mainly dump truck although if he is at a loss for the name of any other wheeled item, this word will do)
-"da da, weeeeer" (in a very deep and loud voice) this means "work" and he is obsessed with the fact that Mike goes to work. He asks everyday about Mike and if he is at work and I am pretty sure he asks Mike everyday either when he leaves or when he gets home "da da, weeer?"
-"di-der" his most prized possesion, his little orange digger, it goes everywhere with him, even sleeps on his pillow! It scoops into his cereal and everything.

Yes people, in this pinkalicious land, we have managed to create a guy's guy...a little boy seriously commited to making a sound effect for every action and getting dirty at least once a day. Some said we couldn't do it...Some scoffed at the pink towels and traces of glitter...Well just come see the traces of pee pee all over the toilet and floor near our training potty to put your mind at ease, we've got one serious BOY on our hands!!

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Grandpa Russ said...

Don't worry too much, Caleb's aim will get better. . . somewhat, anyways.

LOL 8^)