Thursday, February 24, 2011

When A Girl Chips Her Tooth

On Monday Maddie whacked her tooth on her door knob in the middle of a big sibling pillow fight.  She was so sad about her jagged tooth.  I felt so bad for her.  Here is the before picture.

Today the dentist worked her magic, took our money and now people, we have a happy little girl with a fresh toothy smile!!!


Jenny said...

amazing. looks like a perfect set of teeth!!

Melanie said...

Looks how you say "took our money"...had to laugh!

Danielle Logan said...

aww, poor girl. shana chipped her baby ones when they first came in. both front teeth too. i was pretty stoked when they finally fell out. to date i don't remember what she looks like without chipped teeth. however her two adults are growing in !!!! can't wait to see what she looks like with two FULL front teeth. lol

The Denis Family said...


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