Thursday, February 3, 2011

Peek-A-Boo Cait-Bear

Our little Caity is enjoying her last months as "the baby" in our family.
She doesn't know what's coming but the rest of us do.
All of my kids have been through it, the de-throning process, when baby has to unwillingly hand her/his crown and title down to the new wrinkled crying person in Mommy's bed.

It's funny to think about how it might go.
I always feel so guilty to take that baby role away from my littlest one.
But the other funny thing is,
every time;
as soon as "new baby" gets here,
"old baby" handles it with grace and joy!

I am excited to see this sweet little girl turn into a big sister!  
I am already a mom, baby won't change that.
Grandmas and Grandpas are already holding those titles.
All the other kids are already "big sister/big brother".
Cousins are already that.
But Cait?
She's getting a new title!
This baby will make her a BIG SISTER!!!

How fun!

Some of Cait's newest cute words...

"ee-ee" (sissy)
"baddy" (Maddie)
"beep beep" (car)
"bookie: (book)
"ree" (read)
"pay-pee" (paper)
"coke" (coat)
"creek" (Grandma Crick)

Caiters is all about peek a boo these days.

"Where's Caity?"


{girlfriend is STANDING in her highchair}
(this is about the 4th time in a row, she has the full attention of myself and all the kids...)

I see you sweet little baby-big-girl!


Shannon Scattini said...

AWWWwwwe, so sweet!!! LOVE the visual growth chart! So FUN!!!
And OH how they grow so FAST!!!
love you all, shan

whereyouleadme said...

beautiful thoughts and photos on taking her place in family life...i love how you express those thoughts..i'm sure she will transition well with all the loving arms that surround her ..exciting days ahead for all
hugs xoxo