Friday, February 11, 2011

How Will I Fit It All In?

My house is a disaster from a full week of school.
Like a super big mess.
I did the grocery shopping today without a list {yikes}
Although I have about 14 things on my mind that I need to accomplish tonight, I am tired.
And done.
For now. 
When will I get it all done?
How will I fit it all in?


Grandpa Russ said...


Paige said...

As a mother of six myself... there are days that you need help. Give each child a to do list... you might find they will actually enjoy it!

The Hayes Family said...

After a good sleep, it might not seem as bad. At least that's what I tell myself. Love you!

Jones Family said...

Thats a good question Colleen! I often wonder that about you... how do you normally fit it all in!? You are AMAZING and if anyone deserves a good nights rest- its YOU! Tomorrow is a new day, and God's grace is sufficient! Hugs to you wonder woman!