Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Duds For The Bump

My mom sent a fun package with some awesome maternity clothes! 

Baby's status: 43ish days until arrival!!

Yay for clothes that fit!
Yay for moms that still take care of their 32 year olds!

My girls were all over a fashion show and photo shoot this afternoon.
Oh to have daughters!  So much fun!

Probably my favourite shirt.  

(K, hamming it up for the kids:)
Jeans!  So great to have a pair of jeans! Leggings are just not attractive with a short or fitted top on a pregnant girl!!!

(What kind of look is this one?  Probably the "hey kid hurry up and take the photo, don't drop my brand new iphone look")

I'm kind of into grey.
My mom knows that about me.

Shoot, this was supposed to be a post about someone other than Cait!
Well, she ran in front of the camera in her tutu and said 
"me too!"
"mine tutu"

How can I NOT share???

Oh, yes, and the spin!
But enough about her...

White top, rouched sides,
grey Cardigan!!

(again, who knows what I am doing in the photo??  I sure don't!  Oh well!)

The fabric on this top is something fantastically comfortable.
Feels so good.
Love it.

(Ha ha, another great look for me, and the thumbs up too?  WOW!)

I learned to dress in the appropriate colors for special occasions from my Mom.
As soon as I saw this one, I KNEW she picked it for Valentines Day:)

(one last silly look and ridiculous pose by me)

Maternity leggings that pull all the way over the bump...AWESOME!
Long cardigan to cover the bum...also AWESOME!!

**My girls called this the flamingo pose and they were thrilled that I pulled this one:)  Sometimes being silly is a good thing!


The Hayes Family said...

LOVE! You look awesome!! I have been itching to see your new baby bump. So awesome..such a blessing! Wish I could touch and see your belly in person. You are beautiful! :)

Jenny said...

wow! lucky girl!

Jones Family said...

What an awesome mom you have!! I guess she raised you well- displaying such awesomeness to you made you turn out pretty awesome.. oh, and those poses of yours... AWESOME!!! Yes, every single one! Your one gorgeous pregnant woman!

Watters said...

you look amazing pregnant...can't wait for the little one to arrive