Monday, April 5, 2010

Park Day

We spent a day at the park with Grandma Bev.  The weather was gorgeous and the kids played for over 2 hours.  Oh- and I got some photos:)

Happy baby!

"No more pictures please!"

 My little guy loves to be outside.

 He also loved to be outside in bare feet.
So dirty!

Piggy Backs in the sunshine!

Taking a moment to play with sissy's hair.

A good one of all five! 
 And one with Grandma too!
 Mads helps baby through the tunnel.

 Bear in the tunnel all by herself!  What a big girl!

Thanks for visiting.  I am slowly getting through all the trip photos:)


Bev said...

What a beautiful day that was!! Great memories of 6 of my favorite people!!

Christa said...

I can't believe how much bigger Cait is than your last visit. And your mom looks great!