Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blossoms With Grandpa

I'm busy preparing for Terri's 25th birthday party but I still have lots of great photos to share from our trip to California.  We will be going backwards for a while...hope that's okay:)

We were a week late to catch all the blossoms in Fresno but we did find a field that was still blooming. (thanks Jen!)

Look how big my kids are getting!  
Stop growing babies!!!

This day my Dad treated us to a Red Carpet car wash ("Goldie" never looked so good inside and out!)  I tried not to be embarrassed when the employee whistled for back up and out came the industrial vac along with two more employees.  They pulled my van into a special area to handle the extra debris...and i was there well after many of the people who were behind me in line.  Eeps!

After the car wash we went to The Dog House for lunch.  YUM!
Then we hogtied Grandpa and forced him to participate in a photo shoot:)
(why is it that men universally abhor photo shoots???)

I love this photo...Caleb and Grandpa are big time buddies!

 Oh look- I was there too!

Awe! The whole gang! 
After this we watched two movies and ate spagetti at Grandpa's house.  

Thanks for the fun day Dad!


The Denis Family said...

Beautiful photos. I think you have done photos in that same spot before?

Grandpa Russ said...

Maybe we abhor photo shoots because normally we're the ones behind the camera???

It was a fun day, glad to have shared it with all these special people in my life!

Love to all!