Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today we celebrate because Jesus is risen and we are saved!

We have been reading all about Christ's last days in the Illustrated Children's Bible Gretch gave Mikayla for her first birthday. (Great gift Gretch, 9 years worth of use thus far!)  Although I am sure my kids have an *understanding* of the blessing we celebrate at Easter, they still seem to be all hung up on the egg hunt and the candy.  Grr!  I guess it is much like my obsession over what everyone will wear on Easter.  Hmm, put it that way and I feel a little silly fussing about outfits:)  I have a long way to go myself!  This Easter the kids are allowed to wear whatever they please (mainly because it's too cold here to wear the outfits I chose and I got photos taken in the "Easter duds" last week in California.)  Here are my faves...

The Capital building in Sacramento is so pretty!  
We were lucky to be there when it was not too busy. 

Two of my monkeys knocking on Arnold's front door:)

Four pretty girls.

Kinda hard to believe all these little people are ours!

I like this one.  I love it when they have fun together.

Twirling at Sutter's Fort.

The girls each got to pick a pair of Converse and the ones they chose completely suit their 3 different personalities!

Our sweet babies.  
How can they be so big?
Stop growing!!!


The Mills Family said...

I absolutely LOVE how colorful their outfits are! So perfect and cheery for spring time! Great photos as always :)

Meadow said...

You came and played in Sacramento and you didn't call me?? How sad!
It looks like you had a fabulous time though. :-)