Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Recap

So the kids had a great time last night. They all loved their costumes. I thought they were pretty cute too! They were all really well behaved and in great moods the whole day so that was an extra bonus!
I told the kids they could find a costume out of the dress up bin this year...they each picked their own. (Except Cait of course)

Mikayla in my old cheer uniform

Mailee in Mikayla's tap performance penguin costume.

She was really proud to add the yellow socks and shoes.

Maddie in Mailee's ballet performance Minnie Mouse.

We borrowed this cute tiger from Ethan. He's growling in this picture.

Oh! There she is again. She didn't mind the scratchy tutu. What a dolly!

Caleb wanted his face painted too.
I snapped a picture just before a major meltdown "I want this OFFFFFF!"

The whole crew on their way to Grandma Cricks. First stop of the evening.

At the mall with Shelley and Terri.

At KCC's family fun night. That's Grandpa Don in camo there.

"Trick or Treat" all 8 cousins at Grandma Sandi's door (the Stang's Grandparents)

It was a fun night. Mike was away at a chiropractic conference in Florida so I was so thankful for all the help from the aunties.


The Denis Family said...

They all look so cute! Boy does Mikayla look grown up!

Christa said...

Very cute! I remember that cheer outfit :)