Monday, November 30, 2009

Double Digits!

My little Mikayla turned 10 today! I am not sure how this is possible, seems like it wasn't long ago that she was my first little baby and I doted on her every move! Look at her now, so grown up!

We made these treats together for her to take to school. So easy, we just stuck 2 jumbo marshmallows in a stick, dipped them in melted chocolate and sprinkled them with non perils. She said they were a big hit and they tasted so good. (The rest of us didn't try them... We TRY not to feed our kids this kind of sweetness at home, I made exactly the right amount for school and no extras :)

Double bonus, today was report card day and grade 4 is the first year that the kids get letter grades. Mikayla was thrilled to have all A's and she made the principals list too! She reported to me that this was the best birthday ever. I was pleased to hear it!

We ate Mikayla's favorite dinner; mashed potatoes and home made chicken fingers. Maddie made the name cards. I let her use the paper slicer to cut the cards and my silver paint pen to write on the cards...all with no supervision. She did a great job!

There's my lovely girl :)

Happy birthday Mikayla, I love you so much. We've been together 10 years already(I always tell my kids "you and me, we've been together __ years, I know all about you!")! These have been the most purposeful, busy, exciting and fulfilling 10 years of my life!


Grandpa Russ said...

It seems like only yesterday that Mike was talking to me on the hospital waiting room's phone, telling me all about my first grandchild.

What a joy it's been, even from afar, sharing in her and her sibling's growth.

Happy 10th Birthday, Mikayla!

Oh, and great report card, too!! :)


Bev said...

Miss Mikayla, you are such a blessing! Your birth made a lot of changes for a lot of people! You made your mom and dad parents, your Grandma Bev and Grandpa Russ grandparents, you made GG a Great Grandma, Eric an Uncle and Jenaya a cousin...that was alot of accomplishment for a baby....and you did it all on your first day of little smarty!!!!

I am so proud of you and what a fine person you are. I must admit, I am pretty proud of your find report card too!!

Happy Birthday Little Miss
Double Digits!

The Hayes Family said...

Happy Birthday, Gracie! Way to go on the double digits too! I can remember the day you were born. I got to hold sweet little you. You are precious and very loved. I hope you had a good birthday!!

Colleen - Can't believe you have been a mom for 10 years! Whew.. that's worth celebrating. Also, love what you say to your kiddos about knowing them. So accurate. You are the best mom. Love you!

Jen Johnson said...

Happy Birthday Mikayla. Mommy you did a great job with the candies and special birthday meal. You must be so proud of your big, Little Girl (as she will always be).