Friday, November 13, 2009

Long Distance Friends

Last night Cait did not want to sleep. (Perhaps she will be a night owl like me...?) I checked my best friend Gretchen's blog around 12:30AM while little miss wide awake was sitting on my lap. I always click on photos to see them as big as possible, photos are better that way! When I clicked on the photo of Gretchen's little girl, Cait went crazy! She was so excited. She was cooing and waving and bouncing up and down on my lap. We looked at lots of her friend's photos but her favorite one was the one with Sophie in her matching tutu outfit.

Can you feel the love???

"Hi friend!" (touching the computer and leaning in for kisses...)
"that's my friend!" (looking back at me to see if I am paying attention...)

"hi baby" (trying out one of her new tricks on Sophie- waving!)

So sweet!
I can not tell you how much I want to get these two girls (and us mommies) together!
They were born 1 day apart and their mommies have been friends since we were babies...I do believe they are destined to have a special bond!


Bev said...

Oh how sweet! I have tears in my eyes! I can't wait to see photos of these two together some day!

The Hayes Family said...

(through tears) AWWWW!!! So sweet!!! I can not wait to get our girls together. Best friends forever! Thank you for posting this.. it makes me miss you even more. Love you!

P said...

Thats really sweet!

Obwald Family said...

LOVE THE POST! what a special thing!