Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Preview!

Today I dressed Cait up in her costume and took some pictures. It is much easier to get good pics of one of my kids when the rest are not there. Caleb decided he wanted to put on his costume and get a photo too.

Caleb's cousin Ethan loaned us this cool tiger costume.
Caleb was "wishing to be a tiger for hal-da-ween"!

What is she, you ask?
Hmm... you could call her a watermelon or a melon-fairy princess...I just call her CUTE!!


Grandpa Russ said...

How about a cute little melon bug? (You know, "cute as a bug in a. . .")

OTOH, looks like Caleb's got his growl down!


Love to all

Jenny said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That is so super cute....I can't believe my eyes!

The Hayes Family said...

So cute!!! Can't wait to see all the kiddos.