Thursday, November 19, 2009

Noah's Arc Day

The school my kids go to skips Halloween. They wait a week and then celebrate "Noah's Arc Day". I helped out in Maddie's class.
She is in the same classroom with the same teacher that both her sisters had (same crafts, same schedule, dame treats...) which makes me a 3 time Noah's Arc Day parent helper veteran! (Oh ya people, I AM proud of that fact, let me have my moment!!)

Here are some photos!

Maddie and Madi in their leopard outfits...they went into the arc "two by two"!

All the animals...and Noah.

Oh MY! Who is that cute little teensy bear?

Rainbow jello.

Yes I made it.

No it wasn't my idea, the teacher gave me the supplies and instructions.

Yes the yellow is missing, it annoyed me too but again, I didn't supply the ingredients.

Yes I have made this before for a few other girls.

Yes, I will likely make it two more times.

No I did not try it, Bleck!

Here's my little leopard! She sat so still at 7 AM to get her face painted. Minutes after I finished Maddie's face, she rubbed her face and smeared it all up. GRRR! She started crying...and crying.(if you know Maddie, you know she is a bit dramatic) The floods of tears made a huge mess of my pretty leopard girl's face! It took a while to get her to stop weeping and realise that her face could only be fixed once the tears stopped flowing. I fixed her up and we were on our way.

side note: Mikayla graciously agreed to forfeit her flamingo face painting fabulousness so that her sister could have her touch ups. What a nice girl, I love it when she is on my team!


Grandpa Russ said...

You are hereby granted your "moment" as an official Noah's Arc Day Parent Helper Veteran.

This means, of course, that you must, in the future, perfect the addition of lemon jello into the rainbow!

I'm so proud of what a great mom you are!


The Denis Family said...

nice photos..can you send me the one of our girls? I wonder what happened to Madi in the class photo?

Bev said...

Awesome!! What a great Mommy you are! Can we see the flamingo and what was Miss Mailee?? Wonder what Caleb and Caitlyn will be??