Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mommy #4

Maddie is Caitlyn's Mommy #4. (I am #1, then Mikayla, then Mailee...) Maddie is a nurturer at heart. She loves animals, collects and snuggles all her stufiels, and mothers Caitlyn night and day. She is quite intense about her "loving". Most of the time she is so great with the baby. She can entertain her longer than the other two girls can and she is a natural when it comes to shooshing. Sometimes she gets carried away and the loves begin to feel a little overpowering. Cait is not always so sure how to take the abundance of mothering. These pictures pretty much say it all!

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The Hayes Family said...

So cute! Send some of those mommies my way! I love that your girls love on eachother. Also, love Cait's baby thighs. Soph has the same ones and they are just too cute.