Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting Ready For Big Changes

The kids are getting really excited about the room changes that will be happening soon. This will effect everyone. Mikayla gets her own room, Mailee and Maddie will share and get bunk beds, Caleb gets his own room and Caitlyn will be out of our room! YAY!

The basement is not quite ready but we are preparing...

I found this fun work bench at the consignment store for Caleb. Soon we will be moving the big pink dollhouse out of his room and this will go in it's place! I am loving the consignment store, Living Green Kid Co...I find the best stuff there! Second hand is so great!

Maddie organized all the tools for Caleb before he could play with it. Such a girl.

My little guy! He is hammering and drilling everything around the house now!

Okay, so here are my girls posing for one last picture in the room that they share...

...and here they are showing how they really feel about the new room arrangements! Mikayla is thrilled to have her own space and Mailee is excited to be with Maddie who is a little less concerned about things being "her way".


Bev said...

What fun! Caleb looks like he is totally into the tools...just like Grandpa Don and Uncle Brian and Daddy...what good company! Love the girls mugging for the are right...lots of changes!

Grandpa Russ said...

Hey, Grandma Bev - don't I fit into the "tool mix"??