Friday, September 11, 2009

GG's Chandalier

I went into Cranberry Junction yesterday (and fell in love with most everything in the store) and noticed this fantastic chandelier. Upon closer inspection, I knew this chandelier! About a year ago I brought my Grandma's chandelier in and sold it to the owner. I had grand plans of refurbishing it myself but no confidence to back it up so I let it go. She paid me 50 bucks and that was that. When I saw the "new" made-over chandelier in all her glory yesterday, I wanted to buy it back!! I asked the owner and she said it was "vintage" and not for sale and that she really likes it! I am satisfied to see it ever day in the window of the store as we drive by after school. Oh, and I took some pictures, isn't she pretty?

1 comment:

Grandpa Russ said...

That was the one that hung over the dining table in the room on the right as you came in the front door, wasn't it?