Monday, September 21, 2009

Legwarmers and Tutus

Cait got the cute rock and roll onesie in the mail from her best friend Sophie (thanks Gretch!). We paired it with her fun neon pink tutu and added her cute legwarmers. Oh my! She is such a dolly! I love to dress her up and the girls love to play dress up with her too!

I am such a fan of these legwarmers.
I bought this pair at Target in California and I am wishing I had gotten more!
They are great for keeping her legs toasty when she is hanging out in a onesie, they are adorable with a little skirt and I am thinking they will feel good when she learns to crawl on our hardwood floor!

"So happy to be in my tutu"

Look at our girl's strong back and neck!
She is "scooting" now...but so far she has only mastered the backwards scoot!

Tiny twinkle toes next to big sister Mailee's big girl toes.


Macknicki Family said...

She is such a cutie! I've seen some cute & easy tutorials on line for making your own leg could always make her a couple more pairs.

Bev said...

Oh, Cait!!! You are too much! So lovely in your tutu and leg warmers...AND scooting backwards!! Your Grammie and Auntie Barbara are going to have so much fun with you!!

Watters said... does not get any cuter....I can not wait to have a little girl.....your girls are adorable...and Caleb is so handsome....xoxo

Jones Family Five said...

it truly doesn't get any cuter than that!! Oh my!!
I see a little budding ballerina in the making!
Loved hanging out with you both the other night- seriously FUN! she's stolen my heart, and is so charming like her momma!

Roo said...

so sweet!
did you know you can make those legwarmers out of long socks? if you needed some more...and target is sooo far away...... xo