Saturday, August 25, 2012

Underground Gardens

Fresno is home to a really cool attraction

I can't do this place justice with my description.
Please go check out the website!

It's crazy, right in the middle of town.
This is what you see on the outside. 
The roof is only about 6 feet off the ground.

This particular day it was 104 degrees at 10am.

But underground,
it's a sanctuary.
WIth 100's of fruit trees and vines growing vibrantly.
Underground people!

And only 80 degrees.
With no AC.

I was shocked at how NOT hot it was.
But more so than that, I was thrilled and pleasantly surprised with the beauty.
There were so many gorgeous angles.
So many stunning views.
My eyes were so happy.

Wordless details below...

My favourite picture from the day!

We were the first visitors from Kelowna!
We made sure to put a pin on the map.

If you have an opportunity to visit this unique spot, it is worth the trip!

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