Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aunty Court in the Land of Port

My friend Courtney (who is like one of my favourites in the whole wide world) is conveniently located in Portland.  
We never drive thru without getting a little visit in.
My kids adore her and so. do. I.

Lovey love loves.

This year we conquered the mall and the whole no-sales-tax concept like champs.
{sidenote: WHY do they put pictures of half-naked boys on clothing bags?!?!?!?}

Washington Square Mall has a Lego store...highlight for Caleb and Caity!

She made a sword all by herself!

He could have stayed here all day!

Treated to a trip to 31 Flavors...
Caleb requested the Court sit with him:)

Until next time, special Aunty and fun Bachlorette pad,
thanks for the memories, we love you!!


Bev said...

What fun!!

Anonymous said...

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