Saturday, August 25, 2012

Banmans + Obwalds = Fun!

We love our time with the Obwalds when we come to Frenso.
This time was no exception.
As the kids get older, they remember each other and have a great time.

Erin and Me and all our kiddos.

This girl!
We have had so much in common over the years.
It's pretty fun to both be homeschooling now!

We spent a glorious day catching up browsing antique stores and Joann's...kid free!

Speaking of the kids...
There's a lot of them!
And they have so much fun together!

Caleb and Cohl had to stick together with all the girls!

Check out the boys in the background.
Under the table.
On the Ipad.

Such a crazy bunch!

Erin hosted a few of our other "old friends"
{we aren't old, but we've been friends a long time...right??}
and all their kids.
It was awesome to see Paula and Melissa and their growing kiddos.

Here the count was:

We had a morning out with Jen.
So good to be together. We pick up right where we left off.
Lifelong friends are such a blessing.
Missed Court and Gretch so much!

When Mike came for the weekend, we were back at the Obwald's house.
All over their pool.
Dads in the pool.
That's just the best.

We got married the same summer.
So many great memories with these guys!

I love this next generation of friends!!

Seriously the kids could not get enough of each other!!

Look at my happy boy!
It was an awesome summer with these fantastic friends.

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