Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grandma Camp 2012

I really love spending quality time in my hometown for a few weeks in the summer.
My kids love it too.
Grandma Bev really goes all out in the fun department.  Here are some highlights...

On our way....
{thanks to Mike for driving us all the way to California and flying home to work while we play.  It's pretty nice of him to prioritize for us to have this time with my side of the family.}

Checking out all Grandma's toys.
Grandma has the best toys.

A pool was a fun edition to the new backyard fun.

Maddie and Grandma enjoying the new backyard.

Caleb found a squirt gun!

These were a gigantic hit.
Like hours of fun.


Grandma's bed is very cozy!

Crib...not so much but a good place to start out at night.

Bria at 8am having a smoothie in Grandma's backyard.

Caleb and his little pal Ginger.

Snuggies by the pool.

How many kids can You fit in a sandbox??

Taking in some tappers at the Farmer's Market.

A whole store devoted to cheerleading!

Lazy summer nights!

Fun times on Grandma's lap.

Disney Store dolls.

Caught red-handed playing play dough in the wrong place...

Skyping with my brother to meet brand new adorable nephew Isaak!

Yogurtland and another amazing hot summer night at Riverpark.
People-watching and trend-spotting at it's best:)

Night time playground fun.

  The lights, the palm trees...it's so great.
Seriously, what is it about palm trees?  They are the best.

Big sisters are so fun!
{and extremely helpful when Mommy wants to sit}

One stroller, two babies...

Hula hooping for HOURS.

Posing baby!

More snuggies.
How sweet is this??

Trip to the movies; one of our traditions.
{the extra blonde is Devon, Mikayla's life-long friend}

There are no words for these two pancakes.
How can I describe the YUM?
The one on the left is apple/cinnamon granola...in a pancake.
On the right? Triple chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.
Batter Up..two thumbs up!

Touring all Grandma's "pretties".
The girls love hearing the stories about all her collectibles.
Many of them were my Grandma's or Great Grandma's!

With 7 babies.
Mom is nervous about the dog door + opossum.
And the now large population of creepy marsupials in the neighborhood!

Making wraps for days.
Food to go.
Gotta be prepared or In-n-Out starts calling our names!

Sometimes a little girl has so much fun she gets plain tuckerd out!

Thanks for the tuckering out fun Grandma Bev!!


Bev said...

It was a glorious two weeks! Thanks for the fun and the memories!

Jill Macknicki said...

Looks like a fun summer trip!