Thursday, May 10, 2012


Yellowstone was an anticipated stop on our trip.
Much of the park was still closed but the things we most wanted to see were open and did not disappoint!

Up close and personal!

 Mailee wasn't so sure at first, she asked me to roll the window up:)

Old Faithful!
This is the best pic I got of the geyser.  I was distracted.  It was spectacular, you can You Tube it if you wanna see!

Caity was really happy to get a ride from Daddy.
She still likes to be the baby sometimes!

The visitor's centre was fantastic.
Very informative and appropriate for all ages.
(That's my homeschool teacher review)

Cute baby!

Pools of acidic, boiling, bubbling amazingness.
{and some chilly cute girls}

These were really beautiful, vibrant colors in real life.

Bree girl enjoyed Yellowstone too!

We were so close!

Elk are gigantic.
We were surprised by their size.

I am certain I have said this before but I feel compelled to say it again...
I love learning alongside my kids!
I love seeing them experience cool stuff!
I love that we get to tailor their education to our life, to our interests as a family and also to each one of them individually.

Homeschooling is not for everyone.
Three years ago I would have laughed "out loud" at the thought of me teaching my kids.

I am so thankful that I went with the urging of my heart and gave it a try.
It has been an invaluable experience that continues to get better all the time.

It's also a gigantic challenge.
Not easy.
Not always fun.
Makes my house messy.
Minimizes my "alone time".

But so rewarding.
Trips like this with fun stops that involve hands-on learning by experience remind me what awesome kids I have and how blessed I am to get to soak up so many things with them while they are young!


Kelley said...

Nope, not easy, but yep, worth it!

Kelley, 13-year home school veteran
Mother of 28 and 25 year-old daughters (and one son-in-love)

Grandpa Russ said...

I remember a road trip to Yellowstone when you were just a year older than Mikayla!

The wild thunder/lightning storm in Cody, the earthen house near Kadoka, SD. Not to mention the crazy reaction I had to the pollen outside Cottonwood, SD (GG's roots).

I hope you were able to share some of your memories of that trip with your kids!